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Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabulously Feminist Poetry

by Fabulously Feminist

They nicknamed me Barbie
An American icon
I didn't have her perky breasts
I didn't have her dream house
Or a boyfriend named Ken
But what I had
Like Barbie
Was a coy, painted on grin
Vague blue eyes
That never glittered
In approval of anything

They called me Barbie
Because I danced through the world
Hiding behind synthetic blond hair
Created from a bottle of
Clairol Sun Kiss Blond

I was Mattel's version of
Hitler's Aryan dream child
Able to charm the masses

And so I led them
the gentle lambs followed

They called me Barbie
Isn't that who every little girl
Wants to be?
Every girl wanted to be me
Every boy wanted to fuck me
It never occurred to me to mind

In the night
I still hear them calling
In the abstract dream world of
Junior High
I awake with a shudder
For kissing boys too soon
And making the girls aspire to be like me
A Barbie

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