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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

16 Days for Women's Rights

Many women live with indescribable fear when walking out their front door each morning. Fears of being raped or becoming the victim of a violent crime plague their lives. Women are experiencing these fears in countries throughout the world.

Each year for 16 days, from November 25 (Elimination of Violence Against Women Day) through December 10 (Human Rights Day) we ask you to stand with us as we call for an end to violence against women.

The focus of this year's 16 days action is the International Violence against Women Act (IVAWA). Amnesty International, the ENOUGH Project and several other partner organizations are standing in support of this legislation aimed at ending violence against women worldwide.


» Ask your Representative to support I-VAWA

» Ask your Senator to support I-VAWA

Learn more:

Here's what the International Violence against Women Act would mean to women around the world:

  • Increased efforts to prevent violence against women during conflict and in humanitarian settings
    Increased pressure to find perpetrators and bring them to justice
    Strengthened capacity of women's organizations working to bring such perpetrators of violence to justice
  • Increased opportunities for women, free from violence, to seek testing or treatment for HIV/AIDS or disclose their HIV status without fear
  • Increased economic and educational opportunities that would reduce the vulnerability of women at risk of violence

» Find out more facts on the International Violence against Women Act


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