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Monday, December 8, 2008

From our Fabulously Feminist Friends at Feministing.com

Weekly Feminist Reader

New York judges can no longer bar people from changing their name to one that matches "the other gender."

Obama will reportedly push for ratification of the women's equal-rights treaty known as CEDAW, the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Check out Sociological Images' series of posts on people of color in advertising.
On the high rate of cervical cancer in Nicaragua.

New media: Gawker lays off its lone female employee. Old media: Meet the Press will again be hosted by... a white dude. Totally shocking.

In Maine, the Senate president, House speaker, and attorney general are all women.

The Vatican still considers gay people criminals.

Shark-Fu on the conservative definition of "life" and "family."

Jessica Yee on native youth and the power and importance of native land.

Who was overlooked in the '100 Greatest Movie Characters' list? Women.

Obama's speechwriter and the "boys will be boys" defense of sexism.

Krista at Muslimah Media Watch on a truly bizarre fundraiser for Afghan women: the wine-bottle burqa. Just... wow.

How the child marriage rate in Nigeria relates to the prevalence of obstetric fistula.

Obama looks likely to appoint the first openly gay cabinet member.

Read Dan Barry's moving piece on hate crime in the wake of the election.

The New York Times reviews Alison Bechdel's new The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For.

Renee remembers the women of École Polytechnique.

Ask Congress to Act Now: Reimbursement for Birth Centers

Support Antigone magazine by buying their 2009 calendar, Dreams for Women.

Action Alert: Empowering Women & Girls Against HIV/AIDS

The DC Abortion Fund is seeking emergency donations.

Sign the petition asking the Obama administration to be a pro-breastfeeding administration.

Teen Voices is looking for volunteers.

Call for papers: Representing Disability and Emotion.

Call for papers: The Palin Factor: Political Mothers and Public Motherhood in the 21st Century

Make a donation to help Cara and Marcella make it to this year's Women Action and the Media conference.

Become an ongoing supporter of Bitch by joining the B-Hive.

Join a live chat at RH Reality Check about the future of reproductive health, December 17.

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