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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fabulously Feminist Poetry

haphazardly parked on brady street
too close to the white line

carefree mental boxes drone on
driving to places i will never see
driven by beautiful boys
i will never know

on gum stained sidewalk
people meander by
soaking up the winter sun
walking their dogs
smoking their cigarettes
examining the bmw

my coffee is gone
my eyes bloodshot
wearily i light my last djarum
filling my lungs
exhaling its sweetness

unconsciously i pick
at the lavender armor
adorning my stubby nails
unknowingly defacing
my assertion to the world
that I have yet to completely
conferred to the conformity
demanded of me
by my esteemed institute
of higher learning

the establishment
which will ultimately
propel my existence
down the path
of righteousness
in which i too
can own my own bmw
park too close to the white line
and never again wear
lavender nail polish

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